Call for the Resignation of Senator Margie Bright Matthews

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In the wake of the tragic and untimely death of a young man from Colleton County, Senator Margie Bright Matthews took it upon herself to make insulting and unprovoked comments about an honorary pride ride for one of her constituents who had been killed the same weekend.

Based only on her own poor understanding of history, her own desire to stir racial division within our State, her own quest for attention and her own self-centered agenda to pander for future votes, we the People of South Carolina and others, call for the immediate resignation of Senator Margie Bright Matthews.

For an elected official to place herself in the position of making a mockery of the death and funeral of a citizen of our State is in direct conflict with her ability to lead and govern our People. Her baseless and senseless use of social conflict has, in our view, rendered her unable to justly and fairly represent all of the people of her district and there by also rendering her unable to justly and fairly represent the people of our State.

We, the undersigned, call for Senator Margie Bright Matthews to resign her seat in the South Carolina State Senate.