Margaret Ferrier MUST resign as MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West! #ResignFerrier

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We call upon Margaret Ferrier MP to resign as Member of Parliament for Rutherglen and Hamilton West immediately, after she knowingly travelled over 800 miles on public transport, spoke in Parliament in close-contact with hundreds of individuals, across two cities, despite having knowingly tested positive for COVID-19.

This is nothing short of disgraceful, and is an egregious act putting the public in danger.

The people of Rutherglen and Hamilton West deserve to have a public servant whom they can trust to obey and uphold the law at all times - Margaret's role as a public servant is entirely untenable, as she seeks to represent a constituency whilst knowingly defying all rules to which her own constituents are subject.

MPs should - nay must - hold themselves to the highest ethical and legal standards at all times, and it has become clear that, through refusing to resign, Margaret Ferrier holds her constituents and the wider general public in utter contempt as she puts their lives at risk.

Margaret Ferrier has broken the law, destroyed any trust her constituents had in her, and must resign as MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West without delay.