Revoke Their Legal Status

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I am starting this petition on behalf of the Cuban Community in this country who are tried of seeing people of our nationality taking advantage of our laws. We are petitioning that The President of the United States and U.S Government carefully review the immigration documents filled out by all Cubans when they became legal residents or citizens. If they became legal residents or citizens by claiming Political Asylum and they’re in this country Defending that communist country and mistreating Cuban Immigrants at the border then they lied in their application and their Green Card/Citizenships should be revoked. 

Also, to all those Cubans who have come into this country and have become residents/citizens and have gone back to Cuba afterwards to repatriate themselves, their legal status should be revoked as well. Those Cubans have made the conscious decision to repatriate themselves so that they can invest in property and business in Cuba with the ease of U.S American Dollar, and that should not be tolerated. 

These people come here claiming Political Asylum, and all other nonsense, and yet are in this country defending the very thing they claim to be running away from. They also come into this country and the moment they have the ability to fly back they do it, 5-6 a year to invest our money and are helping that government stay in power. They are taking thousands of dollars over there, buying houses, cars, and building business. 

At the end of the day, people like the ones mentioned above should not be the ones benefiting from THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY OF OURS.