Significant Delay in Processing of CANADA PR for INLAND Applicants (Jan - May 2020 AOR)!

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Significant Delay in Processing of INLAND Express Entry Applications (Jan 2020 - May 2020 AOR) at CPC Ottawa & Sydney due to Security and Background Checks!

We, the undersigned, INLAND permanent residence applicants whose applications through the Express Entry program have far passed the normal processing time, kindly draw the attention of the honorable Marco Mendicino, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to the following:

1. Although the normal processing time of permanent residence applications in Canada is about 6 months, for many of us inland PNP Nominations, with CEC and inland FSW, this is about 12 months now. 

2. The response from IRCC to our inquiries about our applications is "the applications are awaiting background check". While we understand this is an essential stage of the process and we also understand the impact of COVID19, we still believe this should and can be done in a fixed time-frame.

3.  While there are 1000s of inland applicants from Q1, Q2 2020 kept on hold by IRCC due to unknown reasons, they at the same time, are able to fully process files that were submitted in Q3 2020.

IRCC NOT following any order in processing applications is totally unfair and unjustified.

4. Many of us have already provided Biometrics in Oct 2020, when Service Canada re-opened after lockdown. But still, IRCC has NOT processed Biometrics,  and "Criminality" is still in progress!.  Security checks have NOT even started!

5. IRCC does NOT provide any time-frame for completing the background checks. 

6. We have lived, worked, and contributed in Canada for several years and have paid taxes. 

7. We have commitments, jobs, kids attending schools, family plans, etc that are on hold; our lives are at pause and we do not know if we are staying in Canada or if we are moving out of Canada.

8. We landed in Canada with high hopes but the delay in the processing of our applications, without any clear reason and deadline, has not only negatively affected all aspects of our lives but also caused us emotional distress.

We respectfully request:

1. To receive a clear response regarding our situation and our application processing time.

2. To expedite our applications since our applications have already passed the posted processing time.

We hope the liberal government of Canada hear our voice and support our case.