IRCC-Save Eritrean Refugee From The War Raging In Ethiopia

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 To;Marco Mendicino (Minister Of Immigration Refugee  and Citizenship Canada)

I kindly request, all the necessary measures be taken to save Eritrean refugees generally in ethiopia specially  in Tigray refugee camps from the raging war between the Ethiopian Federal government army and the Tigray regional army. 
The refugee camps host hundreds of thousands of vulnerable Eritreans including women and unaccompanied under-age children. They left their home country Eritrea due to the gross human rights violations amounting to crimes against humanity perpetrated by the regime. As in any war, they are at the mercy of the warring factions and will be the prime victims of the war. We hereby kindly ask the Government of Canada especially (IRCC) to:

1.   Use all diplomatic means at its disposal to put pressure on the Ethiopian Federal government and the Tigrayan regional administration to create a safe zone for the refugees.

2.   Negotiate with the warring factions for a ceasefire so that refugees can move from the war zone to a safer place.

3.   Help resettle the refugees to other  countries like Canada where they can rebuild their lives again.

Kind Regards ,

selamawit sium