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STOP the neglect of dying animals at Have a Heart Ranch Marcia Mayeda & LA Animal CC

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As a community of neighbors and animal rescue professionals we have stood by and watched as the animals at "Have a Heart Ranch" in Agoura Hills have been dying one by one from neglect and Agoura Hills Animal Care Center officers and managers have done nothing to help them.  Many reports have been called in by neighbors and rescue experts as the woman who runs this so-called ranch by herself refuses to get vet care for the animals and they die one by one. They have no water or shade in the 110 heat. There are remaining animals there right now that need to be saved from death by this woman's neglect.  Today we are pleading with you to help the horse in the photo with the rotten eye who has been standing out in the 110 degree heat  for 3 weeks with no care as this woman uses her to take in donations and does nothing to get her life saving surgery.
Animal Care must intervene and if Denise Rosen won't do anything you must Marcia Mayeda. This location needs to be raided and cleared of all animals and this horse taken to get surgery now. 6350 Cheseboro Road Agoura Hills.
Please stop passing the buck. Over the past 5 months 5 innocent animals have died despite many reports from concerned neighbors about animals languishing in the extreme heat  with no shade or water.
1.  A pig that was stolen from a local 501c3 was mauled by this woman's pitbull and left to die with no vet care.
2.  2 turkeys stolen from another local 501 c3 rescue were disposed of with no explanation.
3.  July 22 a pregnant cow brought to the ranch just in May, fell over dead from neglect and no vet care and her calf died with her.
4. A turkey who had been kept alone in a small cage with no clean water and his chest totally bald from being confined died of neglect after being kept that way since December.
5.  2 more turkeys have "disappeared" without explanation.
Now, this horse who was brought in 3 weeks ago, emaciated and abused with a painful rotten eye, along with another horse and 2 goats, was last seen on Sunday alone in a hot corral, direct sun, no shade, 110 degree heat, kicking her water bucket around the arena desperate for water.
The woman who has custody of these animals is using the sick horse to raise donations, but the medical care and surgery the horse needs, never comes.
Your officers go out and do nothing.
Marcia Mayeda we demand public accountability for what is now county neglect.
The buck stops with you and we demand that you take action to remove the animals from this location and take them to safety now. Let us help the horse with the rotten eye.  These animals need emergency help please act now!

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