Mistreatment and Disrespect at PHS, Staff Members Act Unforgivably Towards Students.

Mistreatment and Disrespect at PHS, Staff Members Act Unforgivably Towards Students.

March 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Susie mccarthy

In regards to the safety of the students in Pembroke High School, Marc Talbot has not been fit for a leadership role managing students. There have been numerous reports on the safety and mental health of students in the five years of Marc Talbot working for Pembroke High School, most of which were not resolved in a proper manner where students felt safe. Numerous students have felt as though they were targets of Marc Talbot's bullying/harassment. The proof can not be denied due to the termination of Marc’s employment at Duxbury High School in 2016 for the mistreatment of students. The mistreatment of students at Pembroke High has been continuously dismissed. Not only has the mental health crisis been dismissed at Pembroke High, but the importance of drug abuse in the town and the school has also been undermined. Overall, the safety of the students on the grounds of Pembroke High School is not guaranteed. 

As a former student and graduate from Pembroke High School, and a current student, I have witnessed and been a victim of mistreatment. I am unfortunate to be enduring feelings of disappointment and embarrassment saying I went to Pembroke High School. When I moved to Pembroke, at first I thought it would be a nice transition to a small town where everybody was friendly. I had severely misjudged the environment. The school system and staff did nothing about harassment of students upon each other and the ongoing drug abuse problems happening at the school. The way the staff goes on about sexual harassment among the students is non-professional and a threat to the student's safety. A handful of graduates and myself have been a victim of bullying and harassment from the faculty and students, having gone to the faculty, and little to nothing being done about our situations. 

One of my personal experiences with Marc Talbot was a forced full body search and breath sniff check, for marijuana that I did not possess when I was fifteen years old. I was pulled out of my history class into a classroom across the hall with Marc and both assistant principals. I was told to empty my pockets. They dumped out my school bag, flipped through every page in my books and between each paper in my folders. I was told to open my mouth so they could sniff my breath. I was a sophomore with no experience with getting in trouble with marijuana in school. I was incredibly uncomfortable and felt violated. 

Former students in Duxbury high school had expressed the history of Marc Talbot’s tendencies of harassment. 

Link of proof: https://www.change.org/p/duxbury-high-school-and-dr-benedict-tantillo-terminate-marc-talbot-as-asst-principal-of-dhs-for-harassment-and-bullying-of-students

There have been numerous petitions made during my academic years of high school against Marc Talbot, those attempts being dismissed by faculty with no further actions. Students during 2021 planned a walkout in support of a sexual assault victim by a student under Marc Talbot. Marc announced that students who participated in the walkout would result in being punished. Refraining students from supporting a cause that should be made aware of are enabling sexual abusers and in a way defending them. As a victim of sexual assault from another student that graduated from Pembroke High School, that decided to stay quiet and heal from it, I am rather incredibly disappointed and am ashamed to say I went to Pembroke High School due to the lack of support of sexual abuse victims. Knowing a predator still walking the halls of Pembroke High is utterly repulsive and a legitimate threat to the students' safety. Knowing I have a family member attending the same school where a predator/abuser walks the halls is irresponsibility on the decision-maker's end, and it is downright terrifying. 


Section 1. Of no.1009, it is stated “SECTION 1. Sexual Abuse Committed By Students Onto Other Students In Public, Elementary, Middle and Secondary Grade School or Private Day or Residential Elementary, Middle or Secondary School That Are Educating Students Grades Kindergarten-12 Mandated Expulsion Who Are Ages 12-Years-Old Up Until Graduation From High School and Who’s Victim Is Two Or More Years Younger Than The Offender As Defined Under M.G.L Chapter 265 Aggravated Rape, M.G.L Chapter 265, or M.G.L 266 or M.G.L 269 Section 10”

Link attached: https://malegislature.gov/Bills/192/S1009.Html



Students of Pembroke High School are not safe from bullying.
Students of Pembroke High School are not safe from harassment from students AND faculty.
Students of Pembroke High School are not safe from sexual predators.
Students of Pembroke High School are not safe from drugs.
Students of Pembroke High School are not safe from sexual abuse. 
Students of Pembroke High School are not safe from deteriorating mental health.

Students in Pembroke High School right now as of 2022, are enduring the continuous vicious cycle former PHS graduates have also experienced. Another petition regarding the mistreatment of students in PHS by the faculty is circulating the students. 

It is understood that this message contains heavy topics, but it can NOT be ignored anymore. Pembroke High School needs change and it needs change NOW. 

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Signatures: 176Next Goal: 200
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