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Marc Jacobs: You were caught selling dog fur! Stop using ALL fur in your designs.


Fashion designer Marc Jacobs was recently caught selling clothing with real dog fur! The items were not labeled as real fur, and I'm sure Marc Jacobs doesn't want to intentionally sell dog fur, as no one in their right mind would go into a store and pay for anything made from skinned dogs! Marc Jacobs even has dogs so it makes me wonder why he would be ok with slaughtering any animal for some fur trim!

Now that Marc Jacobs has been caught selling real dog fur, it's time for him to make the compassionate decision to stop using any real fur at all. Please sign my petition asking Marc Jacobs to join fur-free designers like Stella McCartney, Marc Bouwer, Calvin Klein, and Todd Oldham in taking a stand against this animal cruelty.

Whether dogs, cats, mink, rabbit, fox, or any other animals, this is cruelty for the sake of vanity. Animals are often skinned alive. They're stomped on, electrocuted, drowned, or beaten to death.

Marc Jacobs has a choice. Does he want to be a designer known for kindness or for cruelty?

Please sign to tell Marc Jacobs that he needs to stop using all fur.

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