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On July 1, 2019 my 15 year old son was beaten by four individuals with bats.

This attack was planned by the four boys, they drove to the neighborhood my son was in, three of the boys were hiding in bushes while the fourth called my son and his friend over to the vehicle. The detective made it known to me that one of the boys looked up on his phone how long a person would get in prison for murder before they drove to where my son was at.

A neighbor heard commotion outside and witnessed my son being hit repeatedly with metal baseball bats in his head and legs. He opened his door and decided at that moment he needed to help my son. When he opened his door the individuals dressed in all black with bandanas covering their face took off and got in their car. He brought my son in his house and called 911 after my son was vomiting blood and passing out on his kitchen floor. The 911 audio that i have from this night states the paramedics had to intubate my son. My son had to have a brain surgery upon arrival to the hospital and these four individuals are charged with child abuse causing great bodily harm. My son was hospitalized for 6 weeks and he may never be the same.

I need the proper charges brought up for these boys taking my sons life.