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Stop "Daniel the Iguana Man" From Inhumanely Capturing/Killing Iguana in SE Cape Coral, FL

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Aug. 3rd, 2017 at 9:37pm NBC2 released an article about a man in SE Cape Coral, FL in which they state, "A man is taking on the mission of ridding the City of Cape Coral of its invasive reptiles." "We are not identifying the man, who said he can guarantee 50 iguanas in one hunt. The man posted on social media showing pictures of tens, if not one hundred, iguanas captured and killed." These species of iguana may not be indigenous to the area but create less harm than foul. In comments on the article (and the article the news source posted to their Facebook page) it has also been mentioned by other Cape Coral residents that the man, who goes by 'Daniel the Iguana Man', has been pursuing these hunts throughout their backyards without notice. This news article from NBC2 is closed with the following statement, "FWC officers said this is all legal. Since iguanas are invasive, they are not protected and can be trapped and removed. The only way this could be illegal, is if they are found to be treated inhumanely." If it has been shown that he 'captured and killed' them then he is most definitely treating them 'inhumanely'. Even in the video posted by NBC2 you can easily see that these animals have their arms and legs bound behind them. If this is not inhumane then please explain to me how it is not. If you feel as strongly as I do about stopping this man, please sign this petition if you want to see these creatures handled in the proper way and put an end to 'Daniel the Iguana Man's' hunt.


If you would like to see the highly one sided, disturbing news report you may view it here:

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