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Stop the Demolition of the Post Office building

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Have you seen those red balloons around town? They were put up to bring attention to plans to demolish the perfectly functional former Post Office building on Maplewood Avenue. This distinctive building, built in 1958 and designed by architect and then Maplewood resident Alfred O. Pollitt, is an excellent example of mid-century modern architecture. Despite this history, the Township Committee is currently finalizing the sale and subsequent DEMOLITION of the building. It will be replaced with this new building that will contain rental apartments, underground parking and some retail stores. (Note added 7/7/15: The developer has submitted new plans for the site which can be viewed here).

The Township Committee insists that the sale of the property and subsequent building of rental apartments is necessary to decrease the tax burden for Maplewood residents. However, the likely tax relief to taxpayers will be less than $20 per year. The building AND property are being sold for $1,250,000 (though it was assessed much higher) and after incentives for the developer; the Township is anticipated to net only $950,000 – conveniently close to the amount stated as the anticipated deficit in the Township budget for the next fiscal year. Selling our public land should not be the answer to balancing a budget.

The Township Committee insists that the current building is ugly, which is ill-informed and subjective reasoning for not re-using or re-purposing it—for either historical or sustainability reasons—even though it is constructed of heavy steel and masonry which appears to be in excellent condition. There are no structural reports known to state otherwise. In fact, the Post Office building is the NEWEST BUILDING ON MAPLEWOOD AVENUE.

As stewards and citizens, we cannot let Mayor Victor DeLuca and the Township Committee proceed with tearing down this historically significant mid-century modern building and making Maplewood look like Generic Town, USA without proper due diligence, no thorough financial plan, nor any serious consideration of alternative plans.

Sign this petition now and tell the elected Township Committee to HALT THE SALE AND DESTRUCTION of this publicly-owned building until they present the public with adequate financial models and give serious consideration to citizen input.

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