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Petitioning Manufacturing companies utilizing "fake"/real fur from China

Stop the demand for skinning Raccoon dogs alive for their fur


This is barbaric- any animal lover, or for that matter even if you don't love or even like dogs if you have a soul or conscious should feel this way regarding the treatment of these beautiful animals. These animals-a cross between a dog and a fox indigenous to Asia are beaten, tortured and SKINNED ALIVE FOR THEIR FUR for garments.
Supply and demand is the root of any business venture. If WE-the consumers of the United States- stop buying any product that contains any possible item from the sensless slaughter of animals, then the supply will cease and so will the slaughter.

View the attached link from a British newspaper and you will see that the UK has done just this.

Type in Raccoon Dogs in any internet search box and if you have the stomach watch the video labeled raccoon dogs skinned alive. The one below is from PETA.

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  • Manufacturing companies utilizing "fake"/real fur from China

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    The only way Manufacturing companies utilizing "fake"/real fur from China will listen

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