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Manufacturers: Disclose Animal Testing and Animal Ingredients in Consumer Products

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Earlier this year, 250,000 gallons of beef fat leaking from an onshore storage tank literally clogged an important water-way in Texas, the Houston Ship Channel. The photograph nicely illustrates what occurs to human blood cells after eating a juicy porterhouse steak, a baked potato smothered in a quarter pound of melted butter followed by a slice of New York’s best cheese cake. Over time, such human diets promote diabetes, heart attacks, obesity and strokes.

Jacob Stern and Sons, an agricultural company, was held accountable for the spill. According to a company official, the spillage was due to an “employee error.”

Are you aware that slaughterhouse waste (in this case beef fat) is accumulated and then sold to manufacturers who add “oleochemicals” to various products like soap, lipstick, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, lubricants, pharmaceuticals, various cosmetics, and animal feed?

Unfortunately, many consumers have a very difficult time trying to understand product labeling. Manufacturers frequently choose to confuse and mislead consumers with unclear product labeling. Sign this petition and urge your elected politicians to stand with the consumer, not the manufacturer.

Send a message to your representatives urging them to pass laws which would:

1. Help the consumer better understand product labeling,

2. Disclose if products were produced through animal testing,

3. Disclose if products contain animal ingredients

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