Remove School Uniform At Goleman

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The loose uniform policy that has been in place for years at Barbara Goleman Senior High has kept students happy. Our good grades and focus on class comes from us feeling 100% comfortable in our amazing staff and in our own skin. Keeping it this way would promise students an amazing learning envoirment and the staff an equally amazing school year like years past.

Suddenly having a uniform grabs our individuality and takes it away after getting so comfortable with it. The students fully understand safety concerns and that is why we all wear our school IDs around our necks. Our security does an amazing job and uniforms have never been a problem until now. 

Our new principal wants us to “look and dress like a team” after multiple emails from many students that’s the only respond we will get. After this hopefully a more professional and meaningful answer will be provided.

I made this petition because I saw so many students complaining and emailing our new principal but no results were being shown. Maybe if we show him in this form we’ll get the outcome we want. We can do this as a team just like the Gators always do!

Please sign this petition to show your support and share your disagreement with this new policy!

Thank You!

-Gabriella Lopez, a junior at Barbara Goleman

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