Confirmed victory

Due to the overcrowding of the current class, students who have worked hard to qualify are being turned away and placed in classes that are not conducive to their academic level of learning.

Two girls at Manteca High were removed from their AP Gov/Econ class when their teacher requested that the class be split into two classes of 19.  Rather than adding the class, the school used a "system" to determine who qualified to stay in the class using the student's current grade in the class, cummulative GPA, past AP classes taken, AP tests taken, STAR scores and Senior class ranking (according to the principal and vice principal).

However, both of the students removed have high grades in the AP Gov/Econ class, have had several past AP classes and tests taken and above average GPAs.  In fact, there are several students who remained in the class who have lower GPAs, no past AP classes, lower current class grades and the same (or lower) STAR scores.  But the school is not commenting on that fact.

Help us to get both of these girls BACK into their AP Gov/Econ class and to get the school to open up another AP Gov/Econ period for the high demand.  You would think that the school would be proud that they have so many students who take their academics seriously instead of punishing those who do.

Letter to
Manteca High School and Manteca Unified School District
We understand that it's not always easy to add a class to the schedule; however, when student demand is there and the teacher is willing to add the class, please consider adding another AP Government/Economics Class at Manteca High School. We have 36 students in one class, two who were removed from the class after attending for three weeks and others who were turned away due to a "full class" before the start of school. Instead of turning away students who WANT to excel in their academics, let's add an AP Gov/Econ class and help everyone succeed.