Reassessment of the need to conduct exams for semesters of Indian Maritime University

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  • Respected Sir/Madam,

In this petition, we've a humble request for a Reassessment of the need to conduct examinations for the current semesters of colleges under the Indian Maritime University. 

The students of the Indian Maritime University and their affiliated institutes hail from all walks of life and every part of the country. While the country is fighting one of the most deadly pandemics ever seen, some of us are amongst those whose parents have lost their jobs. Some of us are those who didn't get the time to reach our permanent place of residence, while some of us are amongst the underprivileged who would have considered ourselves lucky if we had an internet connection and 24 hours of electricity! Also, some of us are from farming backgrounds where our parents who need our help due to loss of laborers during this harvest season.

Nevertheless, our undying spirit kept us from falling prey to chaos. We've tried our best and shall continue to do so to cope up with the syllabus amidst helping our families to survive, psychological and emotional trauma, load-shedding, lack of internet connectivity, lack of electronic gadgets, lack of hardcopies of the books which were left back etc. No doubt that the quality of education was compromised heavily but the fault of this lies with none.  We're all victims of the circumstances. 

But amongst all of this, is it wise to conduct exams when the quality of the education being imparted has been heavily compromised?

We're all from different parts of the country; some from jungles of the north-east, some from the deserts of Rajasthan, some from the mountains of Uttarakhand and Himachal, some from the cyclone hit West Bengal and Odisha, some from the isolated and underprivileged parts of the country, and of course, some from the cities as well.

We're all not the same and are not exposed to the same luxuries of life that's been offered to few others. It is already bad that we are facing the many problems mentioned above, but we aren't complaining. We never have. Agreed that the flow of education must not stop and under no circumstance must we let this hinder our progress. But, there is only a limit upto which our human spirit must be exploited! Conducting examinations in this atmosphere is not only unfair to those who lack the required facilities but also discriminatory in nature, rendering all those who lack it helpless.

We aren't proposing to promote us blindly, but exams in such an atmosphere will raise a question on the equality, giving an upperhand to the privileged class. This will lead to the student’s underperformance, mostly those who hail from the weaker sections of the society. A central university should definitely not consider just particular states which are conducting exams. If that is the case then the university should also consider the states which have cancelled the exams due to the worsened conditions day by day. The university should also remember that they have students who hail from such states too. Educational institutions are supposed to be inclusive. Otherwise, what is the use of this education being imparted?

Hence, as a solution, we propose that alternative methods be considered for the promotion of students to their next semesters:-

1) The marks of the previous semester could be taken into account

2) Marks for the present semester could be allotted based on the Internal Assessment.  

3) Assignments could be given, based on which students could be marked. 

It would be really great if those at the helm of affairs could be a bit more compassionate and into this petition without any apathy.  The intention of this petition is to convey the situation of the students from different parts of the country and from all walks of life. We request the Indian Maritime University and the Ministry of Shipping to take decisions considering the plight of the biggest stakeholders of this country, the students.

Thank You,      

Jai Hind