Allow trans students to wear the uniform of the gender they identify as.

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Transgender students wearing the uniform of the gender that they identify as is absolutely vital to ensure that students are cared for and their mental well-being remains intact. It is also an issue of equality and human rights. To single out one boy or girl and force them to wear a uniform that they don't identify with is discrimination on the basis of gender identity, which is prohibited by law at both a state and federal level (Equal Opportunity Act 2010, Sex Discrimination Act Amendment 2013).

According to surveys at least 15 out of 100 people in Australia are gender diverse and/or transgender. In a school of about 2000 students, that makes 300 trans or nonbinary students. In 2012, a Victorian study showed that approx. 40% of transgender school kids had significant depressive symptoms and nearly half had self-harmed in the previous 12 months and one in five transgender students had attempted suicide in the last year. Nearly one in five transgender students had experienced bullying at school on a weekly (or more frequent) basis – this was nearly 5 times higher than the proportion of students who were non-transgender. More than half of transgender students were afraid someone at school would hurt or bother them.

Schools need to become safer spaces for trans and nonbinary students. School faculty, administrators and staff have an obligation to protect students from harassment and discrimination from other students. The simplest way to do that is to allow students to express themselves using uniform that they identify with.

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