Resign Mrs. Teo

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Mrs. Teo,

Covid-19 is a highly virulent disease. It is also fatal. In the last week or so  the total number of cases here has exploded to over 12,000. The vast majority of new cases are foreign workers living in workers' dormitories.

Mrs. Teo, everyone knows you never wanted this to happen. But not wanting it to happen is not the same as taking effective devisive action to prevent it from happening. And that was something you failed to do.

Mrs. Teo, you can't possibly say you didn't know this would happen. Years ago your predecessor Tan Chuan Jin called for better housing for workers after the SMRT bus drivers' strike. So the government has known about the overcrowding since at least back then. Why wasn't anything done then? And why didn't you take immediate steps to test and rehouse them in less crowded conditions once Mustafa Center in Little India was found to be a hotspot? If you had, there is a good chance we'll have far fewer cases than we have now.

Mrs. Teo, lack of foresight is not an excuse, especially not by those who demand to be paid millions a year because they claim to be the best and brightest in the country. You are paid to anticipate problems and forestall them from occuring, and to take effective decisive action if & when they do occur. You have failed in your duty to do so. 

Mrs. Teo, we the people of Singapore have lost confidence in your ability to resolve this crisis. As such, we call upon you to take ownership of this problem and accept accountability for it, and to prove it by resigning your position with immediate effect. It is the least you can do after failing the country so disastrously.