Restore 52-acres of felled forest. Keep real-estate out of the entire Aravalli zone.

Restore 52-acres of felled forest. Keep real-estate out of the entire Aravalli zone.

30 June 2017
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Sunil Bharti Mittal & Manohar Lal Khattar and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vivek Kamboj

The Aravalli hills just lost 7000 trees in Haryana. 52 acres of precious forest cover was cut down so that a residential complex can be built.

If we don't act now and raise our voice against this disaster, we could end up losing 50,000 acres of Aravalli forests to other "real-estate" projects. Sign my petition now.

M/s Bharti Land Ltd ( A sister company of Airtel in the Bharti Group) has proposed a 2000 flat real estate project called Delhi Ridge in Faridabad near Suraj Kund in a environmentally sensitive location. The sloping site covering 52 acres is in the Aravalli hills and drains into the Bhuria Nala.

The site is in the Aravallis which are zoned as Natural Conservation Zone (NCZ) in the NCR, where construction is limited to just half a percent (0.5%) and residential construction is not permitted.

Despite the zoning, the project has obtained a Licence (2013), Environmental Clearance (2014) and permission to fell trees (May 2017). All these three permissions – the Licence, Environmental Clearance and Tree felling permission -blatantly ignore the Natural Conservation Zoning  for the site, the deemed forest status, and the hon'ble Supreme Court’s orders. At least 7000 trees have already been felled using bulldozers at the 52 acre site.

More damagingly, if this 52 acre project is permitted, then over 50,000 acres of similarly placed Haryana aravalli areas will be open season for real estate.

This Aravalli forest cover acts as Gurgaon, Faridabad and Delhi’s groundwater recharge zone, wildlife habitat, and green lungs. If these forests are cut down for real-estate projects, the residents of NCR will face more water shortages and more pollution. 

Only 3.6% of Haryana's land is under forest cover and we must protect it. We cannot allow companies and governments to get away with cutting down trees and clearing forests on such a massive scale and allow real estate into the Aravallis.

That is why I am asking Sunil Bharti Mittal, the Chairman of the Bharti Group, to respect nature and direct M/s Bharti Land to restore the forest on the 52 acre site, and keep real estate out of the Aravallis.

And that is why I am asking Shri Manohar Lal KhattarChief Minister of Haryana, to honour and respect this site and entire Haryana Aravallis, as forest and Natural Conservation Zone and keep real estate out.

Sign our petition and show Bharti Land and the Haryana Government that we will not tolerate the cutting down of our precious Aravalli hills and forest lands. #ProtectAravallis  #RespectNature

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Signatures: 1,09,437Next Goal: 1,50,000
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