Manitoba Students Should Start Spring Break Monday March 16 Or Else Grandparents May Die

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Timely isolation and hygiene are our best defences against Coronavirus overwhelming our health care resources.

We are being told to be diligent about hand washing, but just as important is limiting potential places of infection. 

If we allow our children to attend school in Manitoba over the next week, we are potentially sending kids into environments with Coronavirus, and some will unwittingly bring it home. 

Let’s do what makes sense and become part of the solution as opposed to blindly obeying what the ‘government’ is telling us, because this time they are OBJECTIVELY and SCIENTIFICALLY WRONG about the safest course of action during a pandemic like this. 

Do the right thing, sign the petition, keep yourself and your kids isolated safely at home. Safe the life of an elderly person or someone with immune problems. Do the right thing, even if it’s uncomfortable and we will all win in the end.