End the Use of Animals in Rodeos in Manitoba

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Six horses have died to date in the 2019 Calgary Stampede. Numerous humane societies including the Vancouver Humane Society, Montreal SPCA, and the Nova Scotia Humane Society oppose the use of animals in rodeos. Stampedes can still be tons of fun without involving animals - with rides, concerts, food, a midway, and even virtual reality chuckwagon races. Rodeo events involving animals are inherently cruel. Chuckwagon races frequently result in severe injury or death of horses. In other events, cattle and horses may be zapped with electric “hot shots” so that they’ll charge out of the chute, calves’ necks are twisted as they’re violently slammed onto the ground, and horses are viciously spurred into bucking. Bulls are often doped with steroids to make them more aggressive. Animals used in rodeos suffer fatal injuries including broken backs and necks, heart attacks, and aneurysms. Those who manage to make it through unscathed are given little time to rest or recuperate. They are loaded into trucks, hauled to the next event, and forced to participate over and over again. When they become too old or worn out to continue, “retirement” is often a one-way trip to the slaughterhouse. Let's move forward with fun, family-friendly and animal-free stampedes! Raise your voice to ask the Manitoba government to ban the use of animals in rodeos and stampedes in Manitoba!