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Reconsider the order to have my son fully vaccinated, including an annual flu shot, against my beliefs and also to reconsider the motion that mandates whom I may only take our son for medical care.

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PLEASE HELP ME STOP FORCED VACCINATION OF MY CHILD!!!!!  I became a mother on 4/1/11, when our son was born.  My pregnancy was out of wedlock but I wanted this Child, who would be my only Child. I was 38. The only thing I knew for sure is that I would not vaccinate my child or myself. The questions of risks, the vaccine injury compensation program paying out millions per year, the use of 47 aborted tissue harvested from fetuses, the injecting numerous known toxins, the violation of my biblical beliefs about vaccination had always been anti-vaccination. My son's father had agreed to yield to me on this issue prior to his conception & birth. My position is a was absolute.

I had excellent medical care during my pregnancy to maintain our son's health and chose to have him at home. It was a beautiful birth and he nursed immediately.  His father came late and left before his newborn exam. I was committed and without doubt about my role in raising and protecting this child with all I had.  The betrayal has escalated.  Our son is one of 8 for him, he is my one and only. Our son's father started to change our prior agreement on how to raise our child as soon as his quest for custody began.  Although our son has thrived, suffering little illness, no ear infections or antibiotics, and speaks at a 5-6 year old level in just his first 3 years of life, this man continues to pursue custody even though I am an excellent Mother and LIVE for my child. He is a surgeon and can afford to break me financially as he has threatened, which puts me at an unjust disadvantage. I fear for our safety from a relentless man who will stop at nothing to win.  He's violated many terms and my privacy by recanting and having me tracked. I'm out powered in court, financially and emotionally. Despite the psychological evaluator and FOC recommendation for me to have custody, it was decided to split our toddler down the middle. DOES ANYONE KNOW A HOLISTIC, ACTIVIST MD DOCTOR NEAR ME THAT MIGHT HELP? I AM IN MANISTEE, MICHIGAN. PLEASE THINK!!!

My son is the most beautiful child, he is my everything, my priority. Even though we had agreed before our son was born that vaccinations were against my beliefs and would not be administered (since I am a strong believer in breast feeding and giving my Son the necessary antibodies in this way), My son's father has appealed for custody because he did not have complete control, as he is used to getting.  There is no other reason.  He demanded to the court to mandate a pediatrician that was hired and accepted our son on the basis he was not to be vaccinated. I thought it unconstitutional and highly unusual to order me not to seek any medical care outside of emergencies, not even second opinions, but I accepted it knowing she would not be vaccinating our son and have followed the Court’s orders. After our son’s father, the most successful surgeon in our two hospitals, met repeatedly with her, her positions have changed and in 11/14, I received a letter stating her desire to fully vaccinate our 3.5 year old including a yearly flu! Our Son had contracted pertussis which I brought to their attention, but on further research, even the children who had the vaccination got it in greater percentages than those who had not received the vaccination! He recovered remarkably because he was so healthy, but the father turned it into a motion in which I had 48 hours to appear in court. I scrambled and begged for an extension that was granted giving me 3 weeks to find an expert. It was a horribly difficult task over the holidays and with limited resources, I placed my trust in God and chose to stand alone, believing justice would prevail. I believed the Judge would understand this was being done out of malice and control and would not allow it to happen, knowing this Child was the most important thing in my life and I am an excellent Mother! The court ruled in favor of his father and the pediatrician. This is not surprising because doctors won't often testify against each other, especially in the same City and or State. This is why I need your help on this petition to save my Son.

I requested a stay and was given one that expires 2/6/15. Please help me keep and save my Son. I AM BEGGING FOR YOU TO DIG DOWN DEEP AND HELP ME NOW BY SIGNING AND SHARING THIS WITH ANY AND ALL GROUPS OR INDIVIDUALS WHO COULD HELP ME!  Although the expert testimony stated all who get exposed to pertussis get it, I never did. I am not vaccinated. I still believe our son should not be vaccinated, especially with ALL the poisons they would be pumping into him at once, the increased risks with the catch up schedule and mostly, the violations to my beliefs. There has not even been a compromise to the schedule. I know the statistics on these poisons, including the incidents of types of autism, seizures, cancer, other life threatening side effects and even death which shake me to my core, but not one person would be responsible in the event of an adverse effect, not the Judge, not the pediatrician, not the one, just an option to apply for compensation from an injury fund that pays millions per year for injuries and death.  Do the funds replace the harm to a beautiful little boy or the disregard for my beliefs? Is it right to vaccinate against things he will most likely never be exposed? Who's plan is that following? I am a Pediatric Certified Chiropractor, a business owner, a citizen planner, a marathoner, a 15X ironman but above all I am a mother.  I am healthy.  Look at my page to see evidence! I need help protecting my son. The court made no reference of my sincerity of beliefs, only that my beliefs did not qualify under the school exemption law. School?!?!! We are talking of my rights as a mother to love and protect her son as she sees fit and as our Son's father was willing to support during the pregnancy, and after, until he realized he could not control me. Now he is trying to take away the only thing in my life that matters to me.  Every part of me is stricken with fear and grief, because if our Son is given all these poisons when he already has my antibodies...those poisons will fight the antibodies I have given our Son through breastfeeding, along with a healthy and natural lifestyle and diet and exercise and he will be harmed much more by double dosing not to mention the cost of deviation of your heartfelt beliefs. No words can truly express my faith that this will cause harm. 

I need support to uphold my rights as a mother and our son's father's previous agreement to not vaccinate our son. I am not sure how to proceed legally but know I can not do it on my own anymore.  I need to put my pride aside for my son’s sake and beg for help. PLEASE SIGN MY PETITION NOW, AND PLEASE SHARE TO EVERY GROUP AND PERSON YOU KNOW TO HELP ME SAVE MY CHILD ! ALSO IF THERE ARE TESTIMONIES FROM OTHER MOTHERS OUT THERE WHO'S CHILD HAS BEEN HARMED BY VACCINES PLEASE CONTACT ME! SINCERELY,

Christa m Johnson, Manistee, Michigan ( and

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