Workshop on safe touch, unsafe touch & without touch should be made compulsory in Schools

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I asked a group of children what they would do if someone touches them inappropriately. One child replied ‘I will cry’, other said ‘I will hide under the table’, and another one replied ‘I will call the CID’. Are these the right responses? Are these the responses our children should know about? Are we taking the right measures to protect our children? The answer to all these questions is NO! The answer becomes much more obvious when you notice that the cases of child sexual abuse are increasing every day. Moreover, the children are so unaware, that in 94.4% of the cases the abuser is a known person. It is crucial that children know how to protect themselves.


Under Article 19 of the UNCRC, the Indian Government has the responsibility to take educative steps to protect children from abuse. Moreover, under Article 21 of the Constitution of India every individual has the right to life, and not a life like that of an animal, but a life of dignity. When a child is sexually abused it not only ravishes the body of the child, but the very soul of it. Thus, it is necessary that children should be protected. Further, Section 43 of the POCSO Act, states the government should spread awareness of the Act.

We urge the government to take the following basic steps for the safety of the children in schools:

·        Workshops on safe touch and unsafe touch should be made compulsory in all the schools in Delhi. Children should be made aware of the non-touch abuse as well.

· Training should be provided to teachers, principal, and the school staff on the magnitude of Child Sexual Abuse, the punishment of the offence, POCSO and how to handle disclosure.

·        Teachers should be made aware of Ban on Corporal Punishment.

·        School Display Board should have the posters of Zero Tolerance to Abuse.

·      Children's Clubs should be set up in schools where children should be taught about their fundamental rights guaranteed under the national and international instruments.

These steps are necessary for a safe childhood. I will stand for bachpan. I will stand to protect the bachpan. I will stand to make bachpan happy and safe again. Will you?

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