Super Fast Track Court to STOP RAPE in India

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#StopRape #SuperFastTrackCourt #PunishTheRapists 

My Fellow Indians, This Petition is a part of an Awareness Campaign to bring an End to this Senseless Crime & Violence called "RAPE". 

We expect Prime Minister Narendra Modiji and Union minister of Women and Children Development Maneka Gandhiji to acknowledge our grievances and do the needful on Priority.

Honorable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modji and Union minister of Women and Children Development Maneka Gandhiji, As the Responsible Citizens of India, We would want you to know that entire nation is Grieving for the Rapes which are taking place in our country every other day. Even a Child of 3 months is not being spared and such cases are only increasing day by day. National Crime Records Bureau data shows, The backlog of rape cases pending trial stood at more than 133,000 by the end of 2016 and NCRB records over 3000 Rapes a day in India. We all need to Understand that when a girl is Raped, it's not just her, along with her the entire Family of hers is Raped. The entire Family is ruined by the Embarrassment and Fear which stays with them for lifetime.
As the Law Makers of this country, It is your utmost duty to take the lead and to put a STOP to this Heinous Crime called "RAPE". Our demand is to have a "SUPER FAST TRACK COURT" for Rape Victims of all ages, where the Trial ends in 15 days and the accused is handed with the Strictest Punishment the next day. The Present Laws are not so strong enough and it's not a Permanent Solution. We strongly believe that Prevention is better than Cure, such Super Fast Track Court for Rape Cases in our country is the only solution to stop RAPE. Hope you will accept our Petition and take necessary steps at the earliest.

I appeal to all the Citizens of this Great Nation, to sign this petition to request the Modi Government to take instant action to put a STOP to this Heinous Crime called "RAPE" by having a "SUPER FAST TRACK COURT" for Rape Victims of all ages and Strictest Punishment to the Rapists.