Strict legal action against the perpetrator who killed pregnant Elephant in Kerela.

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That a pregnant elephant was brutally killed in Malappuram district in Kerala. She was subjected to one of the most brutal form of Animal Cruelty. That the pregnant elephant entered a village in search of food but some miscreants just for fun gave her pineapple to eat filled with firecrackers. As soon as she ate, the deadly pineapple exploded in her mouth resulting in several serious injuries in her tongue, mouth & stomach moreover she was unable to eat anything. 

After being attacked so brutally she went to a river where she remaind stood silently so that she can get some relief with the help of flowing water but unfortunately she gave her life & died standing position only. It is also a matter of fact that after being attacked so brutally she didn't caused any harm to villagers or to any house situated in village. Next day the whole incident was brought up by the SFO in his facebook page & then it came in the knowledge of public. 

That the Animals also have a right to life & this is not the first incident which is subjected to Animal Cruelty some weeks back a street dog in Bhubaneswar, Odisha was also killed in a brutal manner & many cases of Animal Cruelty goes unreported in our country. 

We personally feel that the perpetrators should be charged under Indian Penal Code 1860 & Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act, 1960 & the court should take suo moto cognisance in the aforementioned matter so that justice can be served to the innocent pregnant elephant.