Stop killing our pets due to rash driving, seeking justice for my pet Memphi

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I am a pet parent and until recently two rescued Indian breed canines(Memphi and Mimi) were a part of my family. I stay in the west part of Bangalore, Karnataka.

As is custom in my house everyone takes turns to take our pets out for a walk. On the evening of 24th Feb my Mother took both Memphi and Mimi out for a walk in our lane, a residential area. Around 8:30 pm a Toyota Fortuner came speeding(well above 60 kmph) in the lane and rammed into Memphi and almost maimed my Mother due to sheer reckless and negligent driving. Memphi was thrown across the road and my Mother barely escaped the SUV. The person driving the Fortuner didn't stop to enquire or offer help or take Memphi to the nearest hospital and instead, sped off without remorse. Several people witnessed this incident and a helpful samaritan stopped by to come to the aid of Memphi and my Mother(who was under utter shock and disbelief given the event that had just occurred). The helpful samaritan carried the writhing body of Memphi over to my place of residence. All the while, poor Memphi was shuddering from so much agony as he was miserably hurt in the stomach. My brother in law and Sister, who stay next door, immediately took Memphi over to the veternarian but unfortunately Memphi didn't survive the accident and was declared dead at 8:50pm.

I was in a different part of town and rushed over to my residence. Upon reaching I called the Police(helpline 100) and they sent over a couple of policemen immediately. They verified what had happened and asked me to register a case of animal cruelty at the traffic police station in Vijaynagar the next day.

We told the policemen that we'd be filing the case the next day(25th of Feb) and would be cremating Memphi in the morning. We took Memphi over to the BBMP operated crematorium, in Kamaksipalya, on 25th of Feb.

I went to the traffic police station in Vijaynagar around 10pm the same day and tried to file a complaint and was asked to come the next day because it was too late. However the person in charge did take a manual note of what had happened and told me he would inform his superiors. I went over the next day(26th of Feb) and met the Traffic Sub Inspector who dutifully visited the accident scene and advised me that if I were to file a case then a postmortem of the body would be necessary to ascertain the cause of death. He also mentioned that without a license plate it would be impossible to take any action. I told him that the incident had several witnesses and had also been captured on CCTV cameras in the lane. He plainly mentioned that he wouldn't be able to take any action unless I brought him a license plate number.

Since then I have collected evidence from 3 CCTV cameras in the lane and have ascertained the license plate of the Toyota Fortuner. However, yesterday when I went to file a case no action was taken again citing that a postmortem was not performed on Memphi's body.

In light of the unfortunate situation, the question's I want to ask are:

1. Despite irrefutable evidence(footage from CCTV's and witnesses) why is a FIR not being filed? How would a normal person be aware of the legalities or formalities in such cases? How does the system expect normal citizens to know this without educating us on the matter. The policemen who visited us on the night of the incident didn't inform us that a postmortem would be required prior to filing a case. The veternarian who declared Memphi dead didn't educate us that if we were looking at filing a case then a postmortem would be necessary without which an FIR would not be filed. There are laws(IPC 428, 429) that are supposed to protect Animal rights during such circumstances but isn't it the system's responsibility to make citizens aware about the process. How is a citizen supposed to know that the same procedures that apply to human's apply to Animals as well?

2. As a society do we allow such people/criminals to drive around unabashedly on our roads killing members of our family? Pets are not safe but are our children safe on our residential roads? As pet parents can we build awareness around similar issues and Animal Rights in general?

The safety, or lack thereof, of pets on our streets is truly appaling. We as a society need to come together to prevent such incidents from happening. The society as a whole needs to realize that pets have feelings and are more humane than humans in most circumstances. Most people dont realize that pets might not speak our language but they express themselves through emotions quite well. They deserve an equal right to safety on our roads as we do. Do we continue to be apathetic towards their safety or we take action in the right direction?


Background about Memphi and Mimi:

Memphi was a part of my family and I rescued him from Pondicherry on Oct 1st 2014. He was barely a few hour's old when I found him at a construction site. I brought him home, fed him, took care of him like my own, saw him grow and play with me and now he is gone! He was always in high spirits and a survivor since birth, always up for fun and mischief and a good soul. I cannot still believe that he is not there to greet me when I get back home and I am never going to see him play fetch again! He might be just a dog to the world but to me, my first child. I cannot bear to think the same situation happening to any pet parent in the world. It’s one thing to see a dog die a timely death in old age but totally another to see my kid going away suffering from unimaginable pain and agony because of sheer negligent heartless driving. 

Mimi has been with me since June 15th, 2017. I found her in an emaciated condition with a fracture in her left leg. I adopted and have taken care of her since and am happy to say she is alive and well taken care of.

Both Memphi and Mimi kept every family members spirits high and are very emotionally intelligent beings.

Please join me to help bring justice to Memphi. We NEED to compel the concerned authorities(Traffic Police) to file an FIR, given the overwhelming compelling proof, and to take the strictest action against this perpetrator. An example needs to be made out of him to dissuade other citizens of our society from committing such crimes. 

Bombay High Court has provided a ruling that pets should be treated like part of a family. But are we able to extend the same justice to them? Are we trying to say that our judiciary system won’t provide me the justice of my pet’s death just because I don’t have a postmortem report? There are CCTV footage was well as couple of eye witness of the situation. Should this heartless person be allowed to go scot free after killing my child carelessly? 

You can see more of Memphi's videos at the link:


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