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Capital Punishment for Rapists and Sexual Offenders against Children

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The women of this country and the mother's of this country want justice. We do not want to be afraid anymore! As a citizen of this country and as a human being it is my fundamental right to invoke the government and the law making authorities to make amendments to the law and ensure our safety.

A 7 year old child was brutally murdered in the premises of Ryan International School in Gurugram because he protested to fulfilling a depraved man's sexual fantasies. A day later a 5 year old girl was raped by a peon in Delhi's Tagore Public School. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg as the list of crimes against women and children in our country is never ending. Many cases of assault go unreported due to social stigmas and lack of awareness. Our legal framework takes time to deliver decisions and these cases drag on for years. 

As women we are told not to stay out late at night or wear certain kinds of clothes that won't attract attention and I have mostly for my own safety and against my reasoning always complied with these rules laid out for us. But if a 5 year old child is not safe in school then I think we have reached the threshold of all tolerance. This is it. It isn't always about getting Justice. The mother who has lost her child can get justice but it will not bring back her child. We do not need any more murders of our humanity. As a society if we allow this to happen we have dehumanized to monstrous levels. As a mother to a 5 year old I am forced to teach my little one how to be afraid. This is not what we have promised our children. The murder of 7 year old Pradyuman Thakur brings shame to our collective conscience. We have all wronged him.  

The lack of punishment that will serve as a deterrent to criminals is the cause behind this unabated spate of crimes against women and children. Criminals continue to perpetrate such crimes because they are unafraid of the law and the consequences. Till the time we do not have the strictest punishment for such heinous crimes, these crimes against women and children will continue unabated. 

I would urge this country to come together and stand as one to save the morality and humanity of our lives. Cows get more respect in this country than women and children. 

Make Capital punishment and Public execution the only punishment for rapists and child sexual offenders. Let examples of such criminals be set such, that the next time somebody tries to sexually assault or murder a 6 year old he shudders at what will happen to him/her. Expedite the legal process so that these cases are not dragged for years and years. Justice delayed is Justice Denied ! 

I invoke my basic right as a citizen of this country to demand that rapists and child sexual offenders be given Capital punishment and public execution. The only way forward to ensure that these crimes reduce is by having a deterrent that will make these monsters shudder before committing a crime like this.  This has gone on far too long. We need to bring an end to this monstrosity.

Sign this petition and take the responsibility to make this country safe.

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