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MANDATORY Spay & Neuter & OFF THE CHAIN laws for dogs.

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The issue of Mandatory Spay & Neuter is important as millions of dogs are dying each day in shelters and on the streets due to irresponsible pet owners who continue to breed or to allow their dogs to run loose unaltered.   There is a massive overpopulation of dogs and it has to stop.  Mandatory spay and neuter for all breeds is the only way to stop this rampant problem.  Breeders, as well as back yard breeders need to be banned.  Breeding should have a moratorium on it until the problem has ceased in this area.  After the overpopulation problem has subsided, the fee to obtain a breeding license would need to be substantial to alleviate the mass public from continuing to make money on animals. There are FAR too many dogs in shelters, rescues, and on the streets for any breeding to continue in Kern County or the City of Bakersfield as they are separate entities.  

OFF THE CHAIN is necessary to be banned as dogs are living a no quality of life on the end of a chain.  This abuse is no different than beating or starving an animal.  It subjects dogs to extreme temperatures, eliminates socialization critical to their psychological health.  Chained/tethered dogs are far less likely to get vet care and far more likely to attack a passerby who innocently crosses their turf.  Shackling a dog to a stake, porch, or any object has proven it can and has been fatal.  Dogs are also vulnerable on a chain to be attacked by other animals or people with no way to escape.  Dogs deserve far better, if someone does not have a legitimate fencing area for their pet, they should not have one. Many times these chained animals are only used as an alarm system to protect their property and not cared for in the most basic of ways.  They also cannot protect anything while being chained.  

I am a serious animal advocate and have cried too many nights over the pain and fear that humans cause animals daily.  This is a start to giving them better. I have already been to a few meetings on these issues and the city is looking at both seriously and reconvening in October 2014.  I plan to present my huge list of signatures at that meeting as well as many supporters we can get to show up as well.  The population count of Bakersfield city is approx 360k and the Kern county population is approx 860k and the majority of these people I see are not treating their animals right. I plan to educate and request the support of this petition as these are important issues for animals.   I am looking to spread this petition to as many as I can connect with going door to door and at every business I frequent and I ask you to share this petition as well.  Animals do not need to die on the streets or in shelters anymore.  Cutting the population down with sterilization will decrease animal deaths.  THEN we will work on more stringent laws and prosecution for animal abusers... 



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