Sack Louis van Gaal from the managerial position


Sack Louis van Gaal from the managerial position

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Straight to the point, Manchester United fans were optimistic when Louis van Gaal stepped into the manager's seat, but now without question, we all agree he must be sacked, for the following reasons.

1. He has been given enough money to spend, and yet hasn't produced results. The biggest complaint Manchester United fans had with Moyes was that he had an aging team and he never chose to replace them with new and fresh players. Thus when van Gaal came in and was given a huge budget for the transfer season, the fans were optimistic. However he has bought a whole lot of big name players, and yet has not delivered on his promises of bringing glory to Manchester United. 

2. His decisions have been horrendously unbalanced and hypocritical. Louis van Gaal decided to sell Javier Hernandez based on his performance in one single game (where he missed a key penalty and sent a sitter way over the bar,) and decided to sell him to Bayer Leverkusen, where, sadly for United, Chicharito has been scoring week in and week out. That aside, van Gaal never actually sought to buy an established striker, but instead went for a developing player in Anthony Martial, who, although being talented, has still not grown into the striker he will be in five years time. Similarly, his poor treatment of di Maria led to the Argentine leaving the club dissatisfied and no playmaker has been signed who could have created as many chances as di Maria could have. He then loans away James Wilson, who he could have kept on as another striking option, had Martial got injured, but no. His arrogance trumps the club. On the other hand, Louis van Gaal plays Fellaini every single goddamn week, regardless of his ridiculous form. If he could sell off Chicha on the basis of one performance, why not Fellaini after half the season is almost done? The biggest hypocrite in world football.

3. His treatment of Victor Valdes is shameful. Valdes, a six time La Liga winner and a three time Champions League winner is an outcast at Manchester United, being thrown out of training sessions, not allowed contact with any of the first team players, forced to train on his own and uninvited to any charity events. Why? Because he apparently refused to play one U21 game. He later asserted that he has played other U21 games for United, but van Gaal remains unmoved, deciding to keep a far inferior Sergio Romero on the bench, a goalkeeper with hardly any experience nor athletic ability in comparison to his Spanish teammate.Is this the way to treat a professional football player, much less another human being?

4. He uses his big mouth for no good. He says United can only win the title if they have players like Aguero or Suarez. So why didn't you buy them, Louis? Why the hell are you complaining about the players that you don't have instead of talking rubbish later on when you yourself chose to to overload the squad with midfielders? He has the guts to stand behind the mike after every boring draw or loss and whine about being 'unlucky' or moaning about the press not seeing the 'positives' in the game. Why don't you shut the hell up and get to work or get the crap out of our club?

5. His philosophy has killed Manchester United. Every single time he is questioned about the horrific style of play that he pursues, he says, 'It's a process' or 'It's all part of the philosophy.' What the fuck is, Mr. van Gaal? Is losing to teams like Bournemouth and Middlesborough your philosophy? Or is it being first in the league in terms of pointless possession and backpasses? Or is it your philosophy to be 20th in terms of chances created and shots on target? From a Manchester United that even opposition would applaud for their skill and determination, to a club that is being ridiculed and booed by their own fans, you have taken us down the gutter of stupidity. You are destroying the career of players, you are making the fans feel ashamed of their own club and you are causing haters to not just hate, but lose any form of respect they had for us. From other teams fearing that we could score three goals in stoppage time to us hanging on to 1-0 leads for over 45 minutes to us not being able to score even an equalizer for a whole game, you have turned Manchester United into a joke.

6. He lacks the charisma of a Manchester United manager. Sir Alex Ferguson used to be at the touchline every single match. He used to fight for his players with the referee, encourage his players' every move, show them their mistakes, criticize their errors, praise their brilliance and this is what endeared him to all his players. Instead Louis van Gaal chooses to sit on his comfortable chair with his pad, his pen and his head in his hands and groan the whole game. He doesn't have the energy to get his stupid arse off the seat and come down to the touchline to support his club. Manchester United, a club used to exciting football and charismatic managers from Sir Matt Busby to Sir Alex Ferguson, have been reduced to nothing short of a disgrace to English football, all thanks to this man who prefers to sulk in his seat rather than show his passion for the club on the sideline. 

The only option Manchester United have, IF they want to stay in the title race and maintain their dignity is to sack van Gaal, replace him with Giggs for the rest of the season, get Carlos Ancelotti or Pep Guardiola in, or if they both are not willing, get someone straight forward like Gary Neville to manage the club for an interim period until we find a new suitable manager. Regardless of who replaces him, just sacking van Gaal will do us a lot of good. 

I never actually realized the gravity of this situation, until I was reading the comments on one of Manchester United's posts on Facebook. It said, "I'm _______ and I'm 72 years old. I've been supporting Manchester United for the past forty eight years, and I just came here to say that, Louis van Gaal, you killed my club."

So Mr. van Gaal, here is my message to you. You have had your time and your money and all the players you wanted. So before you embarrass yourself and us even further, I would kindly ask you to take those socks off and move out of that seat of yours. You are killing the club, you are breaking our hearts, and you have managed to do that way more times than we can forgive you.

You are a nice guy, you are a good manager, but you are not the one for Manchester United. And like you said, no one individual is bigger than the club. So with all due respect, I'll put this as mildly as I can, 

Louis van Gaal. Get the hell out of my club.


This petition made change with 19,422 supporters!

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