Together lets help 'Akita' live the life she deserves with a family who will love her.

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This beautiful Black German Shepherd girl named Akita has spent at least the last three years living inside this concrete prison. She sleeps on a wet concrete floor, she boils in the hot summer months. She is not exercised, she is not socialised, she has no enrichment, no toys, she never gets to run and move around at speed, simply pacing around inside her shelter all day and all night. She cries, she whimpers, she barks and nobody helps her. I have reported her plight to the RSPCA multiple times as other concerned people have too , due to her having a basic shelter, food and water the RSPCA do nothing. I reported to the dog wardens and the owner would not cooperate. I have written to her owner and offered to buy his dog for a considerable sum and he will not part with her as he sees no harm in how he treats her, when challenged with my concern that she would die in her pen in minus temperatures his answer was "she's a f***ing dog, she's not died yet and I've had her out there three years". We need to get her OUT and we CAN DO THIS TOGETHER.

I helped catch Akita at the beginning of 2020 when she had escaped her enclosure. At the time I had no idea that this was her situation and I was later devastated when I realised I basically helped return her to her awful life. I spent months writing to the owner, contacting all agencies and I hit a wall. Over the summer months I backed off but now the weather is so cold again I cannot function day to day without thinking about her suffering outside in the cold. As a last resort I posted to my local Facebook group and the community were out of this world, 4000 shares, the post reached close to 300,000 people and this is growing as I put this petition together. If all of you wonderful people who shared last night take a moment to sign this petition then WE will be one step closer to giving Akita the life she truly deserves. This petition is to apply pressure to the owner to hand her over and all relevant agencies to actually do something about this dogs dreadful situation.