Manchester Adult Services: give this lady the funding she is ENTITLED to!

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My 92 year old neighbour spent nearly 6 months of the first 7 months of 2017 in hospital, firstly in Wythenshawe through falling and breaking her hip. Secondly in Manchester Royal Infirmary after multiple UTI's and being found  unresponsive at home. During this time she was assessed and it was decided that due to her dementia she did not have capacity. At the 'best interests' meeting, the hospital stated she was "unable to meet her own care needs". It was agreed that she could be discharged home with me sleeping at the house at night so she was not there alone and with carers going in during the day. I asked for a full care package so she wasn't on her own more than a couple of hours a day while i was at work and was told that they could only fund 3 carers per day. 

Given her medical conditions, plus the fact she had been in hospital for almost 6 months, she was entitled to be assessed for Continued Health Care [CHC] funding which would have funded an appropriate level of care provision. However NO-ONE chose to mention this and social services have spent the last 5 months denying she is entitled to it. This includs the Assistant director of Adult Services at Manchester City Council. I have subsequently spoken to the commissioner for CHC funding who has told me that given her needs and conditions she was entitled to be assessed for the funding and is likely to have recieved it. I have emailed Richard Leese, the leader of the council and also Andy Burnahm the Mayor and had no response from either of them!

Over her time at home, the carers did not turn up to prepare her meals or to put her to bed on numerous occasions. In 1 week alone they did not turn up 3 times to make her evening meal and on multiple occasions did not ensure she took her medication. I had to complain every week about the level of care being provided for her. Reluctantly, as the inadequate care package was making it unsafe for her to remain at home, I have had to put her in a care home, something she never wanted to happen. The council are now demanding payment for this where as her needs should be being met under CHC funding.

This situation is purely about saving money over their duty to protect and maintaining the safety and dignity of a vulnerable elderly lady.

I am hoping that a large petition gets the movement I have been unable to get on my own from Manchester Adult Services so that they will give this lady, who worked all her life from the age of 14, the support she is entitled to under the law.