Save the Cornerhouse Buildings

Save the Cornerhouse Buildings

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Because they provide a well-loved landmark in the city

Because sometimes restoration is better than demolition

Because our city doesn't need yet another characterless hotel and apartment block, Manchester can and should be more imaginative than that


The original Manchester Evening News article on the potential demolition of the Cornerhouse buildings is here:

Cornerhouse as an organisation is evolving into HOME and moving to new purpose-built facilities along Whitworth Street.

The proposed redevelopment of the existing Cornerhouse buildings and surrounding area is at a relatively early stage - this is our chance to influence the Council and Network Rail's plans and what is submitted in the planning application.

Whilst keeping the Cornerhouse buildings is likely to be considered in the redevelopment options, the buildings may be demolished unless we can give the Council a good reason to keep them.  We need more signatures on the petition and ideas for the re-use of the buildings - continue the debate here 

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(photo courtesy of Ben Page Photography)