Manarat Al Riyadh International needs to stop discriminating against the girl's section!!!

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Manarat Al Riyadh International School is widely known for being an amazing school that supplies its students with a good environment and education.When parents of potential students see all the amazing photos on their website they are quick to enroll their children into a school that they believe will supply them with what they need to succeed.Nobody realizes though is that all those perfect photos are taken in the boy’s section.The sad truth is that the girl’s section is dirty, with broken chairs and desks that haven’t been replaced for years.The restrooms have no toilet paper and multiple doors in the restroom have no locks.Many smart boards are broken from years of use ,and are slow to function which wastes a lot of class time.All these problems in a school that charges over 34,000 riyals per student;the prices are the same for female and male students,yet the boy’s section receives numerous advantages over the girl’s sections.They have numerous clubs , sports, activities,and community service projects that aren’t available for the girls.They have working boards and clean desks. 

In addition, the administration of the girl's section cares more about frivolous things then things that actually affect our education. If a girl paints her nails or if she has long nails ,they take her out of class to cut her nails.On the other hand, they don't care if anyone writes on the desks or if the chairs are broken-down. The length of someone's nails won't affect their learning, but taking them out of class does. They make over 30 girls wait outside of class to cut their nails with only 2 nail clippers available. They end up missing half of the first period. 

We aren’t pointing out these flaws to attack the administration,but to make them aware of the problems that they may not have known existed.No girl in 2019 should grow up feeling that she is less deserving of a good school environment simply because she’s a girl.Please sign this petition to support us in our fight for what we deserve.