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VIT wants us to pay our collage full fees before July 1 but in that collage fees it includes all the types of fees like classroom fees , labs and all. but as the semester is online we are at home we are not using any of that as Chennai and other 3 districts of TN will go into lockdown again, the rising number of cases of covid 19 in TN is very huge issue , our University is unlikely to open even in September or October and they want us to pay full hostel fees even though we are at our home  as many parents are suffering  financial problems Jobs are at risk most of them received only half of their salaries and many of received less than that ,most of the businesses are  shut down  and they are at risk inspite of all this troubles faced by our parents during this pandemic collage asking fees is not that great so we should unite and demand the VIT to reduce  collage fees . we should share this and sign as much as possible .