Air pollution

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3 years ago i started a petition to improve Kolkata's air quality which failed miserably.  Today the crisis is worsening,  AQI is hovering around the 500 mark. The normal range is 100 and anything over 400 is severely bad. We are second and sometimes ahead of Delhi as India's most polluted city. It is equivalent to smoking 22 cigarettes in a day. Children are suffering from chronic respiratory problems. Among the elderly it can aggravate heart conditions. And as most of you are aware, we already are the cancer capital of India.

Vehicular emissions and rampant burning of garbage are the prime culprits. Delhi shuts down schools when the air quality turns bad. All outdoor activities are stopped. Construction activities are stopped. In Kolkata we get on with our normal lives. 

This cannot go on. Firm action has to be taken. The government must act.  CNG must become part of our vocabulary . Pls sign this petition for yourself,  your loved one and for the future. 

We cannot afford to not act.