Stop the derogatory attack against women on your pages

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Mia Freedman has almost 65,000 Facebook followers and Mamamia has over 320,000. Despite having an exceptional platform to reach women and utilise social media to promote equality in sport, business, entertainment and various other areas in the community, Mamamia and by extension Mia Freedman continue to abuse their high profile and subsequent extensive reach by actively attempting to discredit successful women, incite abusive and dividing conduct on their page and do little to promote gender equality in this country.

ON 25/04/2015 Sarah Norton posted an article on the Mamamia page ( with the headline 'The key to succeeding in women’s fitness competitions? Breasts, apparently.', perplexingly in the 'Wellbeing' section of their webpage. The 'article' was nothing more than a lazy attempt to discredit the hard work undertaken by women who choose to compete in bodybuilding competitions and contained inaccuracies and anecdotal information regarding women in this sport.

Rather than celebrate the women who have represented Australia in these competitions, Mamamia has used their platform to cheapen these women, by suggesting all this sport is about is fake breasts. Perhaps the writer might have been better served to actually interview one of these amazing women, rather than make up quotes from an unnamed source, cherry-pick photos from Instagram, or use grabs of quotes in a poor attempt to legitimise the article.

Mia Freedman and Mamamia, please use your influence to support women, not continually bring them down. Use your social media platform to send the message that women are amazing, brilliant and inspirational, in ANY field where there strive to be successful.

Practice what you preach Mia - I #ChooseBeautiful

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