Calling on coalition MPs to withdraw from the conference that promotes homophobia and bigotry.

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Calling on coalition MPs to withdraw from the conference that promotes homophobia and bigotry.

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Mamamia Team started this petition to Robert Clark MP (Victorian Attorney-General) and


Australia's leading women's website Mamamia is calling on MP Kevin Andrews, Cory Bernardi, Bernie Finn and Robert Clark to withdraw from the World Congress of Families conference.
Later this month, the World Congress of Families conference will be held at St Patrick’s church in Mentone, Victoria.

The opening address will be given by the Victorian Attorney-General, Robert Clark. Other Australian politicians include Federal social services minister Kevin Andrews, Federal Liberal senators Eric Abetz and Cory Bernardi, and Victorian Liberal senator Bernie Finn.

The group that organises the conference, and some of the prominent speakers at the event, hold a number of unfounded, abhorrent lies and opinions. Those views include that:

1. Women who take the pill lose interest in sex and are more likely to be the victim of violent assault and murder;

2. Women who take the pill are more likely to engage in incest;

3. Social policies should not promote single-parenting;

4. There's a link between abortion and breast cancer;

5. The sole purpose of sex is for procreation and an expression of love between husband and wife;

6. Vladimir Putin's draconian homosexual vilification laws that send LGBT Russians to prison are a 'great idea';

7. All forms of non-heterosexual sex is a sin and gay people should be converted to heterosexuality via Christian therapy;

8. The pill and other contraception can and does kille women all over the world, as well as babies;

9. Abortion, divorce and LGBT people are responsible for devaluation of parenting, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, poverty, human trafficking, violence against women, and child abuse.

We believe each of these statements is abhorrent. We believe they defy science, as well as basic human decency.

We also believe that when Australian politicians like Mr Clark and Mr Andrews participate in conferences like these, they are giving the purpose of the conference and its organisers credibility and tacit approval -- they are endorsing the events’ offensive values and views.

Sign this petition to help us send a strong message to Mr Clark and the other attending Australian politicians that endorsing this unscientific, repugnant conference is not alright by us.

If you believe in science, in tolerance, in the capabilities of single parents, and in a woman's right to control her own fertility, we invite you to stand with us.

- The Mamamia Team

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This petition had 5,598 supporters

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