Helping Wildlife

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Help change road maintenance safety barriers  to animal safe barriers with completely enclosed bottom panels which will avoid hedgehogs and other wildlife falling into road maintenance holes and becoming injured or dying as a result. I run a hedgehog rescue at my home and have had many hedgehogs found in such holes in the ground come into rescue with nails worn down in their frantic efforts to get out. The saddest and most recent case is a female who had fallen into a rain filled hole and had near drowned before being found. It is not known how long she had been in the hole but she was suffering with hypothermia and total exhaustion when she arrived at the rescue. A week after being in rescue she gave birth to at least 2 hoglets but the trauma she had suffered resulted in her loosing her hoglets. We need to protect our precious hedgehogs and new design barriers could save many lives and is a really simple change but with  huge benefit.