Keep Malta's Public Spaces Public

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We want to protect the last few green places Malta has for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and campers.

"MaltaToday is informed the proposal was floated during a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday. No resistance to the proposal was raised. 

A government source said the proposal was meant to formalise claims the main hunting lobby FKNK has over the lands, which they occupy during the spring and autumn hunting seasons. 

But these are public lands to which citizens also demand their enjoyment, without the risk of being run off the grounds by hunters." Malta Today

The Maltese Hunting Lobby (FKNK) have been complaining for years that people want to take their hobby away. Now they want to take OUR hobby, camping and trekking through the outdoors, and the ONLY LEGAL PUBLIC Wild campsite we have on the island. If someone is going to run these sites it should be an organisation without bias!

We do not know exactly what the details of this proposal are, but what we do know is that camping and BBQs are not permitted in Mizieb, and that people have even been taken to court for trespassing there.

Camping, when done correctly, helps the environment as we usually clean up after ourselves (plus more) and we would not be using electricity etc, just enjoying nature. Apart from the mental health benefits. Of course, this can be said for both sides as we know there are many law-abiding hunters who pick up their shells and even organize cleanups...

We have to stand up and make it clear that this is NOT OK! We cannot have these areas of public land run by an organization that has its own agenda. We are shocked that this is even being considered. We should be allowed more wild campsites not less, and there should be adequate ENFORCEMENT to ensure people treat our nature with respect.

If someone is going to run these sites it should be an organisation without bias!