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Malta: Save Libyan Civilians and Grant Asylum to Libyan Pilots


A few weeks ago two Libyan pilots allege that they were ordered to attack civilian protesters by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. They faced an unimaginable choice: bomb their countrymen or face likely execution if they returned without carrying out the attacks.

They found a third option: They flew their planes dangerously low to avoid radar detection, flew out of Libya and defected to the nearby island nation of Malta. In doing so, they saved the lives of countless civilians they'd never met.

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But now Malta's Commissioner for Refugees Mario Guido Friggieri has refused to say if he will give these pilots asylum. If the pilots are sent back to Libya, they will likely be executed. Also, without hope of asylum many Libyan military personnel may be discouraged from refusing orders to kill civilians.

ENOUGH! is a new voice of dissent against the Gaddafi regime, based on grassroots leadership to promote the ability of the Libyan people to overcome the limitations imposed upon them by an illegitimate and unjust government.

We call on the Maltese government to grant asylum to these two pilots, which will save their lives and encourage more pilots and ship captains to refuse to attack civilians.

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This petition was delivered to:
  • Aide-de-camp, President George Abela
    Captain Jonathan Borg
  • Director EU Affairs, Ministry of Justice
    Josette Zerafa
  • Director Policy Development, Ministry of Justice
    Joseph St. John
  • Director General Operations, Ministry of Justice
    Mario Caruana
  • Chief Information Officer, Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs
    Kevin Buhagiar
  • Director General Law Courts, Ministry for Justice and Home Affairs
    Kevin Mahoney
  • Attorney General
    Dr. Peter Grech
  • Organisation for the Integration and Welfare of Asylum Seekers Director
    Alexander Tortell
  • Commissioner for Refugees
    Mario Guido Friggieri
  • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Justice
    Mario Debattista
  • Communications, Minister of Justice
    Darrell Pace
  • Private Secretary, Minister of Justice
    Fiona Vella
  • Private Secretary, President George Abela
    Richard Dimech
  • Diplomatic Advisor, President George Abela
    Ambassador Dr Mario Costa
  • President George Abela
  • Secretary, President George Abela
    Joseph Church
  • Communications Coordinator, President George Abela
    Marica Mizzi
  • Senior Aide-de-camp, President George Abela
    Captain Mark Mallia
  • Minister for Justice and Home Affairs
    Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici
  • Head of the Secretariat, Minister of Justice
    Thomas Cordina
  • Head Justice Unit
    Vanni Bruno

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