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Make a REAL change for our horses

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Horses need to be protected and real changes need to be made to achieve such a goal. It is about time that regulations such as Horse insurance should become compulsory, horse handlers and drivers should be made aware of the highway code and respect one another i.e. No horses are to be out on certain heavily used main roads or if, definitely not during peak hours of traffic, drivers should slow down and respect horses in horse designated areas such as Maghtab, certain parts in Marsa etc., no horses should be left out in summer during hot peak hours, kids handling horses should ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult. Heavy fines should be given out to anyone breaking these rules.

The Government should employ more equine vets and build a facility where proper surgery on horses can be done so vets can tend to horses in need faster and hopefully will be able to cure the horse rather than being left with no option but to put the horse down due to lack of facilities to help the animal. ONLY an official vet is qualified to decide if the horse can be saved or if it would be more humane to euthanize it.

Horse clubs have been raising funds over the past years to build appropriate arenas for horses to practice their sport but as many can imagine such costs are sky high. Why cant the government support these official clubs especially since Malta is competing on an international level in the riding and racing scene.

Simply banning horses from all our roads is not the solution as many people think as this will just cause way more problems. Real solutions have to be put in place as soon as possible.

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