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Make Malicious Driving a new sentence in the courts

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Malicious driving should be a new law,  dangerous driving doesn't intimate wanting to cause actual harm, careless driving intimates the person doesn't know any better.  Malicious driving is the intent to cause harm or death.

On 19th August 2014 my beautiful 21 year old son Zachary Whittall was killed on a country road in Stretton, Rutland.

Zachary was a chef, he and his friend/colleague Luke were travelling from Clipsham to Stretton in Lukes car.  The driver of the car travelling in front of their car slowed down considerably, causing Luke to overtake.  By his own admission during the 999 call and to the first officer on the scene, "it was all his fault, Luke was trying to overtake him and he wouldn't let him as he had a new car." The result was my son died and Luke was badly injured.

People use their cars as weapons, it should be an offence!  

Lets bring out a new law called Malicious Driving with the intent to kill

Cars are not just a means of transportation anymore, where people may from time to time have an accident.

There is a huge void in the UK justice system that does not punish people for using their car as a weapon, against people who have vexed them in some minute way.

- So what if they annoyed you in work today
- Or perhaps they are going slower than you wanted them to
- Or perhaps they beeped their horn at an issue they were having at the time and your paranoia makes you think they were beeping at you

Even if their actions have annoyed you, what gives you the right to use your car as a weapon?

When someone dies in a car crash, the family of that person wants to know how and why their loved one was killed. They then have to go through the farce they call the UK justice system to only have three limited choices of justice.

The first choice is - they are found to be guilty of causing death by dangerous driving

The second choice is they have been found guilty of causing death by careless driving

Or the third and final choice is that they are found not guilty, as it was just an unavoidable accident or the jury members in a bizarre twist use emotion rather than common sense and take pity on the guilty party.

Imagine what that third choice does to a bereaved family - having not just attempted to cope with the death or their loved one and the way that affects a family in more ways than you can ever imagine. Then they have to relive the nightmare in court years later. Followed by the family having to live with the aftermath of that court case and the sheer injustice that faces them day after day, when they read in the news about people receiving prison sentences, driving bans, fines or even restorative justice for crimes that have not resulted in a death of someone's son or daughter.

What if there was a fourth choice that can be dished out by the judge after a jury have completed their role and found the defendant not guilty of the two more serious charges due to the amateurs in the Jury having a crisis of conscience?

To be found guilty of malicious driving.

What if there was evidence or even admission from a person who had maliciously used their car as a weapon? How do we as a country deter people from doing this and changing families lives beyond comprehension?

Please help me urge the Judiciary to address this void in their system by signing this petition.



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