Please approve the compassionate caregiver not the profiteer for the medical marijuana dispensary. My son's life depends on it.

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City of Malibu:  Please approve the compassionate caregiver, not the profiteer for a medical marijuana dispensary.  My son's life depends on it.

Please support me and all people in need of safe access to medical marijuana.   I am the mother of  Levi, a courageous 6 year old boy who suffers from 1000s of seizures a day. Medicinal Cannabis is his only hope as all other pharmaceutical medicines have failed.  My child does not have safe access to this life-saving medicine anywhere near him, so his godmother, Ms. Green, an educated and experienced caregiver, set out to change that. She followed all the laws and rules and applied for a permit to open a local and safe cannabis dispensary, close to him in beautiful Malibu, California.  Her application was deemed complete one month before any other applicant. 

The problem arose when a well known land developer, Mr. Haynie decided he wanted to cash in on this opportunity to get a permit to run a medical marijuana dispensary at one of his properties - an old, toxic and abandoned gas station in terrible disrepair, which he now uses as an active car wash. Can you imagine a wheelchair being pushed through an active carwash? His location does not have ADA access, I couldn't even get my son's wheelchair into the parking lot!

It gets even worse.  He is selling his permit to the highest bidder! This is unbelievable.  Malibu would be at the mercy of whomever this developer decides can pay the most.  No matter who these people may be or what their experience may be. This big land developer is NOT even a non-profit and is without any educated caregivers to run the dispensary.  He also may hold the permit hostage as he intends to build on the site, and a dispensary may never open.

Much to the shock of Malibu's community, even though the planning staff recommended Ms. Green be approved and the big developer, Mr. Haynie be denied, this developer got two commissioners to act in his favor and changed Ms. Green's hearing date and the order in which she was to be heard so they could approve this profiteer over her permit!  This horrible display of bias and corruption is what is happening with medical marijuana. This is why we have to stand up for what is right.

In the city hall chambers, this developer watched as my son seized over and over and began vomiting, due to the seizures and heavy dose of anti-epileptic pharmaceuticals he is on. When I asked the land developer, Mr. Haynie, "Can you get my son the medicine he needs?   Mr. Haynie callously responded "I'm sure you can find something, somewhere?". This is shameful and reprehensible to come from someone who is applying for a permit for a medical marijuana dispensary intended to help people like my son.

Should the Malibu CIty Council chose Mr Haynie's permit,  it could have life-threatening consequences to my son and other patients whose lives actually depend on this medicine.  Please stand up to incompassionate profiteers and let the Malibu City Council know that we are counting on them to do the right thing by choosing Ms. Green, the first in line applicant, experienced and educated caregiver to run her compassionate collective for suffering patients.

On behalf of Levi, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

Jennifer Straiton- Levi's mom.

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