Bring back maldon prom marine lake (for swimming, paddle boats and sports all year)

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Maldon prom in Essex has a large lake that is currently an ornamental lake for ducks and swans. It is fenced off and is a main feature of the maldon prom, it has become over grown with rushes and reeds and become a home for rats. It was changed from a free outdoor river fed marine swimming lake with a section for children's paddle boats one end, with a small sandy beach around the outside with some small changing huts. It was free and used to bring thousands of people to maldon for a free family day out of swimming and playing and sand castles. Bringing lots of business to maldon town and the kiosks next to the lake. although maldon prom has now got a splash park in the valley for children-which costs £2.50 for 20 mins.  A crazy golf-which costs £7.50 for adult, £5.50 for a child 5-13yrs, and £2.50 for under 5's.  A free sandpit and a climbing frame pirate ship. All of this still does not bring the people to the prom that the swimming lake used to and now makes a family day out to the prom an expensive one; instead of a relatively cheap one for the whole family. It also does not cater for the whole family, older kids struggle to find something to do. 

Many maldon people and people from afar are still talking about the swimming lake and paddle boats and how wonderful it was and that maldon district council should bring it back. It would bring back thousands of people to the prom and to maldon town for a great family day out that doesn't cost the earth- how it used to be. It will bring back revenue to the town.  The lake is a big part of Maldon's Edwardian heritage, and was formerly opened in 1905 by Lady Rayleigh, Maldon was famous for having the largest marine lake for swimming in the country. We need to treasure our beautiful history, not destroy it. Bring back our natural marine lake for swimming, paddle boats, and other sports for all year round use. 

We have great ideas and support from local businesses and local people who want it back. Please help us to achieve this.