Call for Malden City Council President Sica to Resign

Call for Malden City Council President Sica to Resign

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Our Revolution Malden started this petition to Malden City Councillor Jadeane Sica

Update December 2021

There has been an increase in interest in this petition following recent events. We are posting this update to explain the renewed enthusiasm and to broaden the scope of the petition in response.

In 2019, Councillor Sica posed in a Halloween costume perpetuating stereotypes about Asian people. When this photo was discovered in 2021, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community members and allies in Malden wrote a public statement asking the Councilor to repair the harm done by this racist imagery. In response, Councilor Sica released a statement downplaying the harm caused by her actions. Since her statement, members of Malden's AAPI community have received escalating hate messages as a consequence for speaking out.

As stated in this original petition, leaders lead by example. When a sitting city councilor chooses to downplay the effects of racism, it directly encourages an increase in racist expression in public.

We feel that these separate incidents highlight a pattern of Councilor Sica's indifference towards how her personal actions impact the community that she represents. They show a repeated willingness to undergo actions that are harmful to the Malden community, and a resistance to take accountability when called out on her mistakes.

Our Revolution Malden denounces all forms of racism towards the AAPI community and is in solidarity with the Mystic Valley Area Branch of the NAACP and other community organizations that have called on Councillor Sica to resign. Malden must demand better from our leaders.

We present below the full body of the Mystic Valley Area Branch NAACP's call for Councillor Sica's resignation or removal:


RE: Call for Malden City Councillor Jadeane Sica’s Resignation or Removal

Malden, MA – November 26, 2021

CONTACT: Zane T. Crute, President of Mystic Valley Area Branch NAACP, (201) 294-1624,

Mystic Valley Area Branch of NAACP calls for the resignation or removal of Malden Ward 8 City Councillor Jadeane Sica and an accountability system for all Malden elected officials.

Elected officials should be held to high standards and be required to follow a code of conduct that provides clear expectations and accountability. Malden City Councillor Jadeane Sica has continued to cause harm to the AAPI community and she needs to be held accountable for her actions.

While City Councillor Sica was President of the Council, she appeared in a photograph wearing a Halloween costume that perpetuates stereotypes of an Asian masseuse as a sex worker. In the photo, Councillor Sica is wearing an Asian conical hat, holding a bottle of massage lotion in her hand, and wearing a shirt that reads “Orchids of Asia,” the name of the massage spa in Florida where New England Patriots and Revolution owner Robert Kraft was arrested for soliciting prostitution. Councillor Sica’s written message on the post stated, “Happy Halloween with a Happy Ending.”

This past week, Councillor Sica made a statement about her racist 2019 Halloween costume that fell far short of the
reflection and apology that Malden residents and the AAPI community deserve. In her statement, which only came after a statement from a coalition of community organizations asked Councillor Sica to apologize, Councillor Sica
did not apologize; she excused her behavior by explaining, “I have love in my heart for people from all backgrounds, races, and religions.”

Councillor Sica’s insensitive act of mocking Asian immigrant women was committed while she was the City Council President. Malden’s leaders should be held to the highest standard of accountability, as their actions should demonstrate what is acceptable to all residents. Councillor Sica, by not apologizing for her inexcusable behavior, contributes to a poisonous atmosphere towards Malden’s approximately 22% Asian American population. By not addressing hate-filled comments on social media, by not taking the responsibility of explaining to Malden community members why her and her husband’s costumes were harmful, and by not formally apologizing for the harm caused, Councillor Sica has failed to act ethically and has failed to fulfil her moral duties as a city leader. Councilor Sica’s actions must be condemned by all elected officials and Councillor Sica must resign or be removed from office because she has failed to address them. Moreover, her inaction of officially apologizing for her and her husband’s actions and photo indirectly sends a message to the public that this incident was of no serious concern. Some individuals who felt the need to defend her because “It was just a costume for Halloween” sent hate messages to the AAPI community.
We, the NAACP, condemn Councillor Sica’s costume and her subsequent lack of an apology in the strongest of possible terms and implore action to be taken by Mayor Christenson and City Council members to condemn racially motivated violence, apologize for Councillor Sica’s costume that mocked and dehumanized female Asian immigrant women, pressure Councillor Sica to resign or remove from her city council duties and her role, and institute an accountability system for all elected officials. Council Sica’s resignation would be the first step towards reconciliation and healing the profound harm that has been caused to the AAPI community and to Maldonians at large. All racism upholds white supremacy, and when racist acts are committed towards anyone, we are all harmed.


Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization. Its members throughout the United States and the world are the premier advocates for civil rights in their communities. Established in 1977, The Mystic Valley Area Branch’s roots lie in the work of civic leaders from the West Medford community.

For more information about the Mystic Valley Area Branch of the NAACP, please visit or email us at


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Original petition text below

We, the undersigned residents of Malden, have different backgrounds and political ideals. Despite our differences, we all are deeply troubled by the recent actions of City Council President Jadeane Sica.

Councillor Sica has admitted she held a party which brought together 50 people in the parking lot of a local business, including a DJ. It appears she used her sway to obtain the permission of the venue owner. Additionally, there is evidence that alcohol was consumed in the parking lot. Were there adequate designated drivers, as no one should be sharing a car with someone living in a different home? Finally, when a concerned resident called the police, Councillor Sica claimed that this person was simply trying to embarrass her.

Leaders lead by example, and Councillor Sica is telling the community with this action that COVID-19 is an inconvenience, not a serious threat to this community, nation, and planet. Not only might this party become a spreading event for the coronavirus, but it has the effect of inspiring other such events, as community members say, “if the council president can have a party, I can too.”

The social distancing protocols we are trying so hard to follow are designed to keep us all safe in these trying times. It is only reasonable to expect that our elected officials follow the same rules. Councillor Sica’s choice to disregard the state’s mandates comes with consequences. We trust that she will realize that given her actions she can no longer ethically serve the Malden City Council. We would expect the same of any other councillor in this situation, but the council president especially can not lead us in this critical time. We request that she resign from her position immediately to demonstrate that she understands and accepts the consequences of her actions. 



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