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Make 'Like Soda' by Violent Soho the Australian National Anthem

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We, the Australian people, deserve better.

The power struggle in the Liberal party, the blistering hot days, the deadly animals that inhabit the bulk of the country - we deserve a new start. A fresh start.

That starts with a new Australian Anthem.

Let's be honest; the current National Anthem, 'Advance Australia Fair,' isn't very good. Sure, it's got things like cultural values of acceptance and sharing. It's got a classy tune. It's pretty easy to learn.

But it does have its downfalls:

  1. No one uses the word 'girt' anymore.
  2. We don't really have any wealth for toil. It's pretty much all been taken from the ground.
  3. You can't realistically head-bang to the tune.
  4. The Southern Cross isn't that radiant with all the light pollution. 
  5. People get confused with the lyrics. All you have to do is look at Kate Ceberano's stuff up at the 2015 AFL Grand Final.
  6. It's a bit old and outdated.

The Solution

The solution to all of this tomfoolery is Violent Soho.

Violent Soho are an Australian rock band that was formed in 2004 in the Brisbane suburb of Mansfield, Queensland.

They are true Aussie legends on a meteoric rise.

From their release of their self titled album in 2010 to their next album, 'Hungry Ghost' in 2013, these boys have defined a new era in rock music for Australia. 

Now in the studio recording their next album, they have just released a definitive banger of a song. 

I propose that their song, 'Like Soda', should become the next Australian Anthem.

There is nothing more Australian than the following scene that the song describes:

“...those empty summer afternoons in a RSL and pubs - when all the pokies are empty, beer is warm and there's nothing but horse-race noise in the background.”

I rest my case.

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