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Support parental choice, free-speech, and religious freedoms in same sex marriage bill.

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Same-sex marriage will become law in Australia.

A bill by MP Dean Smith is already before the parliament. 

This bill WILL NOT:

a) Stop Safe Schools or it's gender-relative equivalent from being made mandatory in Australian schools. Parents will have no choice. 

b) Allow to people to be be able to say what they believe about same-sex marriage without fear of punishment. 

c) Protect religious freedoms. If we own a cake-baking business, and someone wants to pay us to design and decorate a cake for their same-sex marriage, then we will have to. Otherwise we will face fines or more. Religious schools can face registration concerns for teaching their version of marriage due to 'discrimination' laws.


We need a bill THAT WILL:

a) Protect parental choice with regard to 'Safe Schools' or it's equivalent. 

b) Protect freedom of speech.

c) Protect religious freedoms for all. If we are bakers we won't be forced to bake cakes for weddings that we disagree with. No fines. No jail. If we are photographers we won't be forced to take photos of wedding we disagree with. Christian, Islamic or Jewish schools, will be able to teach their religious definitions of marriage without concern.  


The draft ''Dean Smith'' SSM bill that Labor and the Greens is backing is woefully inadequate, with the all the above unprotected. This was the finding of the parliamentary inquiry investigating the government's same-sex marriage exposure draft. 

''The Senate select committee identified there was a deficiency in how religious freedoms were protected in Australia and we all agree that there needs to be more protection'' said David Fawcett, chair of the parliamentary inquiry. 

Please ensure that the above protections occur.

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