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Stop using the word 'Islamists' for criminals who claim to be violent in the name of God!

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The word 'Islamist' if defined correctly and not in the context of politics, should not be used to define terrorists or any form of violent crimes. To Muslims, an Islamist would behave in their best behaviour and hence would have to be used for people who are law abiding, people loving and charity givers. Violence and any word related to Islam should never be synonymous. If anything, words related to Islam should be only synonymous with peaceful words, because it is the case, that God sent down his words to this world to give us guidance on how people should really behave, to encourage social cohesion and to break down barriers. This word should, therefore, be reserved for our prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), if we really want to define this word outside of the context of politics. Muhammad was the the most perfect Muslim. He treated everyone he knew equally. He had an uncle who did not believe but he treated him with utmost respect. He treated his wives with utmost respect and never abused them. There was no word of abuse which came out of his mouth. Unless he spoke of our piety towards Allah, and our respect for our mums, every other time he was always calm and patient, because he spoke with passion at those times. He did grieve. He did love. And he never hated. When at war, he would never kill his enemies from the back, always from the front, to respect their right to see what's coming to them, and to only be fair. There has never been anyone fairer than Muhammad.
Whereas, The So called 'Islamists' who go around killing left right and center, may never have read a word from the Quran, and may never have even read stories of our beloved Prophet. They would have lived criminals most of their lives, and have lived lives completely unrelated to Islam whatsoever. Yet because they are Muslim, they are immediately labeled "Islamists". This is unfair to the religion itself. And mostly unfair to our Creator!

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