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Stop Factory Farming

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Factory farming affects all of us including animals. We may love the Sunday roast but do we really think about what happens to those poor animals stuck in factory farms with no light not enough room to move? the animals are overfeed and because growing too much doesn't allow your legs to grow they can't even move to get food or water sometimes. They are fed antibiotics to keep them healthy from all the junk they are given to fatten them up. The males because they cannot produce eggs are killed by grinding or breaking the necks of their poor bodies  with no anaesthetics they also cut of beaks from hens to stop others from killing them. Hens as young as 18 months are sent to slaughter because they don't produce eggs.

Our mission is to send the world a message about factory farms.

How do I help? you may ask. Signing this petition is just on of the many things you can do to end this barbaric method of farming. Buying free range eggs and chicken as well will help end the farms. Help us change the world of today and rid the world of horrible farming you can be the one that stops factory farming so why wait be a life saver to so many farm animals .


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