Defend the Murray-Darling River to protect sustainable farming

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My family and I run a pastoral property on the Darling River in the far-west of NSW. We run over 20,000 merino sheep, and Australian rangeland goats. The Darling River is our lifeblood - it sustains our families, our animals, our businesses and our community. As a Basin, it produces 40% of Australia’s agricultural production and is home to almost every one in two sheep in Australia.
But right now, the Murray-Darling River is stressed.
In 2015-2016, we had no water in our river for 8 months. We watched the water we and our animals drink go stagnant and then dry up, and our sheep, goats and native animals struggle to stay alive. The water has returned, but because our underground aquifers couldn’t replenish, our bores are now saltier than ever before.
There was no drought. There was no water in the river because greedy, unsustainable irrigators upstream take too much water. It is destroying the livelihoods of established, sustainable farmers along the Murray-Darling.
The river is our lifeblood and we need a healthy Murray-Darling river that flows from source to sea, supporting sustainable farming communities along its way.
Now, we call on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to make sure the Basin Plan:

  • Legally dedicates 3,200 GL of river water to our rivers so they can flow.
  • Removes barriers and outdated rules so our rivers can replenish natural floodplains.
  • Uses the best available science to manage the current and future impact of changes in the climate.
  • Is overseen by transparent institutions we can trust to look after our rivers and ensure everyone plays by the rules.

As a farming community, together we can defend the Murray-Darling River and protect sustainable farming.

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